This campaign starts in the year 10SC (Secundus Cataclysm). Events after the year 353 AC (Alt Cataclius)(i.e. after the War of the Lance) are discarded in this campaign, for simplicity.. Tech level 3-4. No ballistic weapons allowed.


The campaign is set on the continent of Ansalon, on the world of Krynn. The characters will be based in Solace, where they all live, and some of them work.

Important consepts:

Most of the Gods have left Krynn, chief among these Paladine, Takhisis and Gilean. When they left, Solinari, Lunitari and Nuitari disappeared too, and with them magic. The tower of high sorcery has since crumbled to the ground.

A few of the gods are still over Krynn, among them Mishakal. Clerical spells are available to her followers. A list of available spells can be found here.

Main source books:

  • GURPS Basic Set
  • GURPS Fantasy
  • GURPS Low-Tech
  • GURPS Magic
  • Dragonlance Setting book

Available races:

Suggested character concepts:


Suggested reading:

Clerics and Fighters