Cleric of Mishakal

Concept: PC Clerics in this campaign are part half fighter half healer. The healing is performed using clerical spells. The Cleric’s spells include defensive spells and healing spells only; no attack spells are allowed.

Religion: For the purposes of GURPS Dragonlance, the only available deity granting healing powers is Mishakal, goddess of healing, hearth, love and motherhood.

Available races: Human, Elf, Dwarf, Kender

Prerequisites: Clerical Investment (p. B43) Power Investiture (p. B77)

Penalties: A Cleric may NOT specialise in two-handed blade weapons such as swords and axes. They may specialise in spears and quarterstaffs.

Specialty weapons: Clerics in GURPS Dragonlance may carry and use Magic staffs (such as the Blue Crystal Staff). Such weapons negate the range penalties for healing spells, and are otherwise treated as a quarterstaff. Spears and other blade-weapons may not be imbued with clerical powers. To imbue a staff with clerical powers, the cleric must have True Faith (p. B94)

Cleric of Mishakal

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